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We all have seen some breathtaking videos, in which humans are brutally treating innocent animals, just for entertainment. This raises a question on our Law and order. And makes us think, “Do our Constitution have fundamental rights for Animals?” Well, the answer is YES. 

1960 prevention of Cruelty to Animals

The legal act that ensures the safety of Animals in India. It’s Provision 11 states that it is illegal for any person to treat any animal inappropriately, that lead to unnecessary pain or suffering or causes, such mistreatment is punishable with fines or prison sentences.

But again a question puts forward “Are we enforcing it?” Sorry to say but in India, it’s very difficult to see any implementation.

Animal for Food

The Food Safety and Standards ( Licensing and Registration of Food Businesses) Regulation, 2011 provides more detailed information surrounding the welfare of animals during the slaughter process, including that ‘Animals are slaughtered by being first stunned and then exsanguinated (bled out). Stunning before slaughter should be mandatory.’It further stipulates which three methods are legal (CO2 asphyxiation, mechanical trauma (gunshot or captive bolt pistol).

A major issue in India is that there are a limited number of legal slaughterhouses. And it’s difficult to meet the consumers demand with legal slaughterhouses. Central governments, as well as state governments, sometimes appear incapable to give or facilitate the establishment of abattoirs that are in obedience with the law, and due to which it is inadequate to shut down the illegal abattoirs.

Animal for Clothing


In 2012, Indian consumers acquired nearly Rs 860 crore worth of fur commodities; this figure was estimated to grow to Rs1300 crore by 2018. Most of these products are supplied by local producers. Due to the rising problem for animal good, in 2017 India prohibited the importation of specific animal furs and skins, containing a chinchilla, mink, fox, and reptiles.


If we go through the current stats of Leather export, India is the fifth-largest exporter of leather and leather products, which was ninth in 2014 and the second-largest producer of footwear and leather garments, with significant room for growth. The leather industry is getting full support from the Indian government by enabling 100% foreign direct investment and duty-free imports, funding producing units, and enforcing industrial development programs. 

Animals used in Scientific research

A report is attached you can read about each and every scientific research institute in India. Like how they are treating animals.

How to Treat Animals in India.

1. Humans toward Animals 

It is the responsibility of every citizen of India to have sympathy for all living creatures. 

 2. Bothering Animals

It is a punishable offence to kill or mutilate any animal. It includes stray animals.

 3. Abandoning Pet

It is illegal and a punishable offence to abandon an animal. 

 4. Slaughtering 

Slaughtering is only allowed at the slaughterhouse. No animal including chicken is allowed to slaughter anywhere.

 5. Relocation Stray Animals

It is not allowed to transfer any stray animal from one location to another by any person and authority. The only specialized group can do so. 

 6. Pet care

It is a punishable crime if a person denies food, water and shelter to its a pet. As well as confining or bounding for long period is a crime.

 7. Monkey as Pet

Owing to a monkey as a pet is illegal. As well as it is a punishable offence.

 8. Animal for Entertainment 

It is not allowed to train or use any wild animal includes Tiger, Lion, Monkey, Bear, Panther for entertainment purpose. 

 9. Animal Sacrifice

Sacrificing any animal for religious values or any other purpose is illegal in all part of India. 

10. Animal Fight

It is not allowed to organize, participate or force to any kind of fighting event include any animal. 

11. Zoo law

It is a punishable offence to tease, feed or disturb any animal in the zoo. Littering in the zoo is also prohibited.

12. Wild Animal

It is illegal to capture, trap or poison any wild animal is punishable by law. 

13. Birds in a cage

It is not allowed to capture any bird as a pet, as well as selling a bird ( including bulbul, munias, mynahs ) is illegal. 

14. Transportation

One should keep in mind while transporting any animal that they don’t feel any discomfort, pain or suffering. 

What else can the State and Central Government do to protect the animal rights in India? 

Suggest your opinion in the comment section. 

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