What about Middle Class? | Suffering during COVID-19 Pandemic

The whole world is suffering from Coronavirus Pandemic and during this Pandemic we can see rich class are busy in learning new skills and hobbies while the poor class is suffering for life and death and both the rich and the poor class is getting attention. But there’s an another class of which nobody talks and care about. A Delhi University student who’s basically a middle class share a post on Instagram mentioning the pain of middle class.

 While I was having a chit-chat with my father yesterday, he asked me a question, which really surprised me. He asked, “What about the middle?” And when I understood the question, it really made me think very hard what he was talking about. The population of India is divided into three classes i.e. upper class, middle class and lower class. We all know how badly people are being affected during and after lockdown. The economy is shrinking at a great rate. The government took a number of measures to ensure the least number of casualties in this pandemic and also that lower class and people with no jobs should have food and shelter. The upper class already had proper facilities and is still going well. But the real problem happened and is still happening with the middle class. A middle-class person is a self-respecting person. They do not dare to ask for food and essential things from anyone. Whatever resources they have, they always live their lives. They never ask for too much but the amount in which they can live and fulfill their small dreams. They are busy solving their big problems and enjoying their small happy moments. Those who have to pay monthly rent, those who are working in a private company and are not getting salary or are getting less salary than their expenses, are the ones facing some major issues. Whatever happens, the middle class is always left behind. Though the government asked the landlords to waive some rent and asked private companies to help their employees as much as possible, things are still not working. After the lockdown is lifted and everything is back to normal, landlords are asking for rent but people are not able to pay it due to low income. They are also unable to meet their domestic needs. But except for these people who are dealing with this problems, I think there is no one worried about it. The media is busy increasing its TRP and the government is busy taking credit. I understand there are many other issues like corona, lower class struggle etc. and I am not justifying any of them. But the matter is that a large number of the population is dealing with a dilemma that can have terrible consequences. The government needs to consider this question closely, which is raised by my father and everyone from the middle class, “What about the mid?”

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