Does boycott china include Indian startups? HDFC | BYJU | OYO | OLA | PAYTM

Recent incident happened between Chinese Army and Indian Army changes the attitude of Indian market and now people has decided to completely boycott the Chinese products after their soldiers killed our brave soldiers. Galwan valley incident gave a strong support to Ban Chinese product campaign. As a counter attck Indian traders boycotted more than 500 products that are Imported from China.

What about the Investment of China in Indian companies?

You will surprise to know that People’s bank of China owns 1 crore 75 lakhs shares in India’s most successful commercial bank, we are talking about HDFC Bank. That means, it is trade benefit to China. It’s a point that our country need to think about. Not just HDFC Bank, Chinese giants like Alibaba, Tencent have invested in more than 17 Indian unicorn startups in the form of Foreign Direct Investment, list includes India Cricket team Jersey sponsor BYJU, Gaming giant Dream 11, Paytm, Makemytrip, Swiggy, Zomato, OLA, OYO and many more. This investment is more than $2 Billion.

Do we need to Boycott companies that have chinese investment?

No, Boycotting our companies is not a solution but it’s high time for India to change the policy of Foreign Direct Investment as well as it’s an opportunity young Indians to start their own company. It’s the best time to start a new business, develop new technology so that we don’t feel the need to imports goods from China or any other country.

What China actually Exports?

China is very clever in business they adopt the same policy that Britishers used during Pre-Independence against India. That is they import Raw material from India because it’s cheap and they manufacture goods from the Raw material and sold it back to India at a huge margin. So, the means we have the capability to produce the raw material at cheapest price. Now it’s high time to make India self sustainable.

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