Is Corona as safe as you think?

When we look at the statistics for the death rate of corona virus, we compare the death rate of corona virus with that of total positive cases. Therefore, we conclude that the percentage of death in corona virus is 5.38% globally (64,729 death out of 12,02,435 positive cases as on 5 April 2020) and we assume that the disease is not that lethal.

But is comparing deaths to total number of positive cases right?

When we compare the deaths with total cases, we are ignoring one of the most important thing. That apart from patients who died or survived, there are patients who are still going their treatment and they could die.

Is corona as safe as you think

Therefore, comparing deaths with the survivors would be more appropriate. Comparing the both gives us death rate to be 20.79% globally (64,729 death and 2,46,638 survivors as on 5 April 2020). This rate shows that out of every 4 patients infected with corona virus, 1 will die. If we compare it to the global population, 20.79% is equivalent to 1.62 billion deaths globally.

Following is the summary of death rates country wise by comparing it to survivors.

CountryDeathSurvivorsDeath Rate

But this is still not the complete picture. As per a study by Forbes, out of all infected 17.9% people will show no symptoms at all. But this percentage is not huge. This will result in reduction number of positive tests and the death rate to 17.07% that is still to high.

Do you still think that Corona is safe? Think again.

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