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There are many theories running around us regarding China. A small section of society have sympathy for them while most of them are criticizing them, Even the criticism is on the basis of two aspects. One is that China put the world in trouble while Second is that China played the game to dethrone the Right ward ideology from the Sledgehammer Nations as well as the want to control the world economy.

We will discuss every theory in brief

Is China a victim or a conspirator?

THEORY NO. 1: China actually suffered a lot, but they are hiding it from the world.

According to various sources more than 20 million sim-card accounts have been closed or cancelled in the last few months. The point we need to keep in mind is that In China every simcard is linked with health card of people like In India we have our phone number linked with AADHAR card. They linked sim card with health card so that they can keep the record of health of their people.
It is assumed that China has killed their people so that this virus will not spread among all over the country but the Chinese government is denying this fact. And they are explaining that this may be because of migrants left the Wuhan city and they cancelled their number. But According to a US-based China Affairs reporter, “It’s impossible for a person in China to cancel their Mobile number”.
In China it’s very difficult to survive without Mobile phone because everything is online and require connection. Even their health card shows some signals like Green: Which means the person is fit and can go outside. While yellow means that the person is possibly infected or doubtful. And Red means that the person is suffering from disease so he/she is not allowed to go out. When asked about, How China able to control the cases while the whole world is suffering, they mentioned that they were able to track every patient with their health card system.

Still the question occurs where are those 20 million people? Did China killed their people and hiding the deaths?


THEORY NO. 2: China suffered, that’s why they want the whole world to suffer too.

This theory is quite interesting because nobody is thinking in this direction. This theory is possible if China actually suffered Financially and economically. If we go back in time, 3 months back when it’s all normal for the world but only China was suffering, if that situation remain same then China would have been 5 to 10 year behind the world. China knew this very well and some of their steps also appear to the claim to be true.
The first case of coronavirus was traced back in November 2019 in Wuhan, China and till January their situation were worst, but the point is even China knew that the situation was not in control but still they didn’t took any step to cancel the International flights and they finally took step in early feburary and by then coronavirus has spread most of the European and Asian countries.

Do you think China intentionally let their flight working?


THEORY NO. 3: China actually made a Biological weapon to grab the power.

This is the most terrifying theory because if it’s true then it can lead to third world war. We all have heard about the cold war of USA and China which is basically tariff duties imposed by USA on Chinese product. USA gives it the name “Unfair trade practices”. Then, China retaliates by imposing tariffs on American products. This trade war is continuing for around 2 years. China knew very well that neither could defeat USA politically nor in the war. The only way for them to become the world power is using Biological weapon. If it was actually a China’s move then no doubt they are successful in it. On 5th match USA granted exemptions on tariffs on various equipments.
Right now the world is in Lockdown and if we look at the cases China has almost recovered and they even removed lockdown from Wuhan. While countries like IRAN, ITALY, UK, SPAIN, FRANCE and USA are suffering a huge loss. While the whole world banned all type of export of goods as well as manufacturing of goods. China is manufacturing and exporting goods to all over the world specially medical goods like facemasks, Ventilators, Testing kit and etc. Even if we look at stats Chinese market is recovering at a pace where as the world market is about to touch the recession mark. If we look at the current situation it’s a win-win situation for China.

Do you agree that China use Coronavirus as Biological weapon to capture the world market?


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