Delhi based Tech-Startup FarEye raised $25 million | Fund raised during the challenging Coronavirus epidemic

A New Delhi based logistics management startup FarEye is raising $25 Million asynchronous D funding round led by Microsoft ventures M12, Honeywell ventures, Eight Roads ventures and SAIF. per the company’s ministry of corporate affairs FarEye passed a board resolution on April 4 to form offer and issue equity and preferred shares to four investors worth $24.49 Million. They did it in such uncertain and challenging time when the planet is battling the Corona Virus Epidemic. They managed to unprecedentedly lead the corporate and in fact, the celebs have aligned too.

FarEye was founded by Gaurav Srivastava, Gautam Kumar and Kushal Nahata in 2013. the concept was registered in April 2009 and today they operate from their headquarter situated in Bhubaneswar. per the corporate, any technology product will be defined as C3 – Circuit, Coding and Creativity.This futuristic idea of formation generates a unique concept of RoboticWares. They generate synergy through a coordinated efforts of the three fragments of RoboticsWares which are Binover, LabSens and Learnics.
FarEye works with logistics providers furthermore as manufacturers and retailers. It competes with the new-generation logistics platforms leveraging predictive analytics and machine learning to be future-ready. FarEye is experimenting with the drone technology and block chain integration. FarEye claims to facilitate over 10 million transactions every day in more than 20 countries for over 150 customers. It offers comprehensive and predictive visibility of the provision chain to both shippers and carriers and helps them make data-driven intelligent decisions. After establishing the brand in APAC and Europe, FarEye has recently announced its plans to explore the US supply chain and logistics market additionally. FarEye may be a machine-learning based predictive logistics platform. The technology business at RoboticWares Pvt. Ltd. may be a combination of such fields which rarely coexists. The group is researching in Embedded Domains and Robotics, at the identical time developing professional Web Apps and Software Solutions. 

Since 2013, FarEye has matured into well-acknowledged player facilitating 10+ million transactions per day across 20+ countries for over 150+ customers. they need received 10+ Gartner mentions & 30+ awards.

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What youth can learn from this?

We all know the world is suffering from the coronavirus epidemic and almost half of the world is at home, even most of us are wasting our time in playing games and wasting time on Social media. But dedicated people and startups are using this opportunity and turning the worst situation into best. Even you can do there are lots of opportunities for us. Everyone has an artist in them, this time is an opportunity to work on your skills and master them. For Entrepreneurs it’s time to work on their idea. FarEye is a recent example, now its upon you whether you want to appreciate others or get appreciated.
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