What to do after class 12th? | Career Suggestion after 12th.

What to do after class 12th?

The course you choose after class 12 is the deciding moment of your life. The course you will choose now will help you build up your career as well as your wealth. There will come a time in your life where you will have to decide what you have to do. That’s why we have come across a list of the top 3 courses after completing 12th standard.

1. Chartered Accountancy

The first one on our list is Chartered Accountancy. It the course which is known for its difficulty in getting passed. So, why am I recommending it to you? The reason is it’s course structure. Now, suppose you have to setup your business. Now what are the things you need to know about?You have to know about how will you setup your business? What will be the laws governing it? What kind of taxes I will have to pay? How can I minimize my costs? And how can I maximise my profit?If I say all there is a course in which there is answer to all the questions. It is Chartered Accountancy my friend.

2. Law

The was a period when our country had a need of engineers. Then there was a time when we needed doctors. Now this is the time when our country needs good lawyers. It is a high time when a person becomes lawyer. The law firms are growing rapidly and there is a high demand of lawyers in our country.If you good some good argumentative skills, the law is the profession for you.


3. Aeronautics

Next on the list is aeronautics. The world is changing and so is the technology. There is new satellite in the environment every week. And this is the network and the scientific workforce is required in order to keep it up with it. If you are interested in space, then take admission in IIT / BE /B. Tech in cryogenics, Nano, aeronautics, modulating and design.

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