6 Secrets to Get Good Marks in Exams 2020

6 Secrets to get good marks in exams 2020

Everyone wants to score good marks in examination. But how many can get it? Not all. But there us a secret that you can, So today we present to you 6 secrets to perform great in exams:


Basically in the game plan you gone figure out a system for yourself. You have two options in game plan,

  1. You can even divide your day in two subjects like Sunday HINDI + ENGLISH, Monday GEOGRAPHY + MATH and so on. It helps you to not get bored with one subject and keep you entertain.
  2. You can even divide your entire day in 2 hrs. Slots like 9 to 11: English, 12 to 2: History and so on, in this technique you can able to cover 4-5 subjects in one single day. Remember if in the long term if you able to follow this time you set for yourself, which will be more than half the game won.


I am gone break this strategy down into three points that are,

    Now the bitter truth about the Indian education system is that it all about the Indian education system is that it all about mugging up, wrote learning a certain paragraph then pasting in on the sheet of paper that doesn’t mean what you suppose to mug up. So the first session of the three sessions includes understanding. Try to understand the things. You can skip this if you pay attention in the class. Let the teacher to give you this first session let her to give you an idea of your whole subject or the chapter.
    This is the most important session as here you have to mug up in order to answer the question. This is the most time consuming session. Prepare like that after this second session you are not gone need to open your textbook again.
    This is just polishing your whole understanding and learning. In this session you just recall all you have learned. Every time you remember an answer as answer your brash form a neutral pattern so if you ask for a particular question your brash recalls that neurons pattern.


EXPRESS IN POINTS: The way human mind is built it perceives points much better than perceives paragraphs and usually even marking is based on points.
HANDWRITING: While we are talking about handwriting some people genetically having a good handwriting while some has really terrible handwriting which is impossible to read. But you can do something to improve it and these tricks will work for you definitely.
1. Try to keep all your small letters of the same height.
2. Try to make letters fatter as you use to like it.


There are some elements around us like comics, mobiles, games which distract us from studying. The main thing is that if a person study for 2 hours with full concentration without any Distraction then it’s much better than the person who studies for 6-8 hours with lots of Distraction. Efficiency is important while you study.
The three ways to dealing with Distraction

  1. GET RID: The first point is completely getting rid of them while you are studying keep them in other room or give these items to your siblings or parents and only take them back after your exams.
  2. INCENTIVISING: Using this distraction as a reward after every study session, your brain will take these distractions as that dopamine which is a feel good hormone help you in studying a lot.
  3. Develop a system: Using the distraction in instalments which means using them between the subjects and divide your time like if you study maths then in the break time use these things and then again start with another subject.


  1. DIET: If you are in the middle of your exam try not to have diet food and strict dieting also avoid heavy foods as it slows your metabolism which also slows your brain which reduces your efficiency.
  2. MEDITATION: It improves your brain processing power and also improves your memory and your memorising capability and above all identity, it increases your focus. You can start with 5 minutes meditation.
  3. SLEEP: If you want maximum efficiency you must need a good sleep in the day. If you wake up early for study it’s OK but make up to cover that time in an afternoon nap. You can even have 15 min. nap which reboot your whole brain and improves efficiency.


The ones who end up getting great marks are the one who makes these choices wins the battles. It’s like the some who wants to lose weight and who choose between vegetables and cakes so in this point the more focus is on your better decision making the better make decision the results will always be good .

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