5 Proven Secrets to Perform Better in Everything

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We all want to get better at doing stuffs. Don’t we? Better than what everybody else is doing. And for it, we try all we could. We read various books, various articles and they all say about the usual stuff like hard-work or determination but don’t worry, we are not going to tell you that. We are here to share the secrets which will make it easier to be better at anything.
We mention below the process. If used in a correct way, then the success is sure-shot.

These are the 5 secrets to perform better in everything.

1. Visualize the ultimate aim.

The best planning to attain a goal starts when you starts imagining the end result of it. Suppose, you aim to become a dancer. Now, what people makes mistake here is that they will start working hard. It will went on for few days and then they will leave that thing.

Now, to avoid this mistake, we have to visualize how our life would be if you were a dancer. Imagine performing on a big stage. Imagine all the claps you will get. Imagine being congratulated.When you do that, your mind gets a picture of what would you  get. This will help you focus on your goals.

2. Practice Efficiently.

You might think, I said that we are not going to tell you to do hard-word. We still aren’t. What you have to do is to find a perfect teacher according to your needs. Or even if you are planning to do it on your own. You don’t have to put hours and hours doing same thing again and again. What you have to do is put that many hours that you can but when you are practicing, your focus should only be on that thing and nothing else. No distractions. No replying to messages.

3. Be Persistent.

Now, this is an important thing. The miracles happens when your persist. Michael Jackson was a great dancer and singer because he was persistent. He would not leave his goal. No matter how hardships he faced, he was still on his goal.

4. Don’t give a f*** about what others think.

Now, when we start doing things, what we do is start thinking What he/ she might think about us? What if they will laugh at us? If Neil Armstrong would have worried the same thing, would we have been able to step on moon. What problem we have is, we start to give f*** about each and everything. This is just a useless thing. This has stopped many people from pursuing their dreams. We don’t want to do that. We want to be better at doing these stuffs.

5. Be Fit. 

The last thing I want to add is, be healthy and fit. What is the use of our skills if we can not even use if. I remember a guy from my school, where he played piano so well that we were sure that no matter what, he is going to be a great pianist. But we were wrong. When he stepped out of school, he encountered a physical condition in which his muscles would twitch. With this condition, he could not play better and he had to stop playing.

These were our 5 secrets which can be applied at anything you want to get better at, and you will definite improve your skill. Thanks for Reading 🙂

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