Delhi Election 2020 accurate Exit poll

After the cold voting from the people of Delhi for the Legislative Election 2020, Now it’s time to know about results, which will be announcing on 11th Feb but before that we can get some idea about, whom the voters of Delhi has choosen as their representative, whether it’s Bhartiya Janta Party or Aam Aadmi Party, we can’t mention Indian National Congress here because we all know that it’s fight between only two parties. It’s high time to know about the exit polls.

 The polling was less than 63%(62.59%) in Legislative Election which is slight more than the Lok Sabha Election polls which was around 60%. According to the Hamari Yojana Opinion the vote share of Aam Aadmi Party is 52.6%, the vote share of Bhartiya Janta Party is 35.4%, the vote share of Indian National Congress is 8.7% and vote share of others and NOTA is 3.3%. If we turn this vote percentage into seats then Aam Aadmi Party might get 55-60 seats, Bhartiya Janta Party might get 10-15 seats and Indian National Congress might be unable to get a single seat in Delhi like 2015. So, it’s clear that which party gonna be the leader and will have the crown of Delhi in 2020.

Delhi Legislative Election 2020 Exit Poll.

Let’s wait for the result which is on 11th February 2020 and the above result is not the real result it’s Exit poll.

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