The Root Cause of Sexual Crime in India | How We Can Solve This?

 Today we are suffering from a very serious issue which humiliated the whole humanity. The sexual crimes against women have crossed the limits. But there is something which we all know exist in our society but sometimes we ignore it and sometime feel embarrassed in sharing. Surprisingly the fact is that you are not the only one who has suffered this, we all have suffered sexual abuse in our childhood (includes Activities like bad touches, forceful kisses and sometime even worst). The culprit can be a relative, a neighbour, he or she can be a teenager or can be an old man/women. A male in most of the cases but sometime a female too. We ignore these small incidents which gave birth to heart wrenching incident ( dangerous incidents ) like Nirbhaya rape case and Recent Priyanka Reddy incident. 


Why Children do not share these incidents with parents?

There can be many reasons like

  • A child might be not sure what happen with him/her. They don’t know the difference between right and wrong, and they ignore it.
  • Children might be afraid to share these incidents with their parents.
  • When a child generate courage to tell this thing, sometimes parents ignore these things because maybe they don’t want to spoil their relationship with that person on such a small incident.(which is absolutely wrong)

It is necessary to limelight the fact that every second child in our society suffer from sexual exploitation. And every second child is a proven fact the real fact is even higher, almost every child face sexual exploitation once in life whether it’s a male or female.

If everybody is a victim then who are these criminals?

 The answer is absolutely clear, we all are criminals,  some have done small crime while few have done big crimes, but a crime is a crime. Even though thinking wrong about someone is a crime. You can relate it to stealing money, person A has stolen Rs.10 while person B has stolen Rs.10 crore. There is a huge difference in the amount but Rs.10 theft leads to theft of Rs.10 crore. This is a very serious point and we all should think on it.

Few suggestions, if we want to change the current situation.


 We all are addicted to technology and our daily activities are performed by various electronic gadgets like laptop, mobile, cars, etc. These things affects our brain and decreases it’s thinking capability which give birth to mental health issues like anxiety, distress, depression and sexual distractions is also an issue due to which some people face sexual distractions. It is necessary to unite our brain, body and soul for at least few minutes a day, it can be possible by doing various mental health exercises as well as meditation. One minute can make a huge positive impact. Because a calm and relaxed mind never focuses on these kind of things.

 Sex education topic should be discussed in school and home because a child brain is a blank book, which need information and solutions of his/her queries and this is the topic which has not been discussed anywhere, due to which a child learn from these practical experiences ( sexual abuse, sexual exploitation, molestation ) and they make an image in their innocent brains that these things are normal and there is nothing wrong in it. That’s why it is necessary to discuss this topic so that we can save the future brains from these negative activities and they will not do anything like this with someone else in future.

Children are copycats, they copy what they watch and when they watch elders doing negative things like excess use of mobile phone, shouting, using abusive language, their subconscious mind catch all these things and their brain perform accordingly for the rest of life, that’s why its my request and suggestion for everyone to read some brain enlightenment books, self help books, so that our future generation will learn something positive from us, for their better and bright future and this will surely reduce the crime rates.

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