Citizenship Amendment Bill Analysis in Detail

Citizenship Amendment Bill is an another Bill by the current Government of India which is in controvery. Favour side is saying that this bill will benefit the minorities of our neighbour countries who are suffering from violence and discrimination. 

 The data is showing that the number of Hindus in Bangladesh has decreased from 33% to 12%, which raises question like, Why the percentage of minority is decreasing?

People who are opposing this bill have their own points according to them this bill is violating our Constitution. According to them The Government is focusing on particular religion only which is against Article 14. There are various points in favour and against this bill bill which need to be consider.

  • Yes, it is right that Minority community in our neighbouring countries (Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan) are suffering from various problems, violating against them is increasing every day. This is a very serious issue because the government of these countries are not taking any steps to stop this and India is a country who are allowing migrants since independence, so this is not the first time that the Government of India decided to take any step on this issue. India allowed refugees in past too(Kuwait and Uganda).
  • Assam is the state who is sharing it’s borders with Bangladesh and since 1971, they are facing lots of problem because of these illegal migrants. They are protesting against this bill and they have valid reasons. First of all this is not the first time Assam is protesting against these migrants, From 1979-1985 they protested against them. After that a Memorandum of Settlement (MoS) signed between representatives of the Government of India and the leaders of the Assam Movement back in 1985 known as the Assam Accord which clarify that the migrants who came to India before 25th March 1971 will be given with the Citizenship right and the deportation of rest of the foreign migrants.

Now the point is, Why Assam don’t want these Immigrants? 

 This question has a very clear answer, Foreign Migration means shift of people of one country to another country (it can be legal or illegal) and here in this case most of the people are migrating to Assam which put pressure on the resources of Assam (food, water, land, human resource), put burden on the local people also, as well as it affects the quality of living of the people. Assam is suffering the most because Assam and Bangladesh are sharing their borders which are not as secure as with other states that’s why these migrants prefer to go to Assam.

  • The total number of Hindus in Bangladesh are 1.7 crore and 16 lacs. are Buddhist and Christians, if they all shift to India it will put pressure on the country because there migrants need basic facilities like House, School, Hospital, Jobs, Food. India is already suffering from high rate of unemployment, if these migrants will come then it will surely increase the Poverty and Unemployment in the country.

What government can do other than this bill?

Government can actually help these minority communities by pressurizing the Governments of these countries o provide some special right to these people and make some strict laws to Stop violence against them. The Government has good intentions behind this bill but there are some issues like they didn’t count Ahmadi minority in this bill who are also suffering.
India is a developing nation and it’s not easy for the country to provide basic facilities to such number of people.

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