Do We Need to Save Delhi Football?

These days Santosh trophy trial is going on and players from all the countries are giving their best but I just saw a viral WhatsApp message which is showing the harsh reality of our Capital city.

Do we need to save Delhi Football?

It’s been happening for the past few years that Delhi Santosh trophy trials committee is dominated by a single club. No doubt that the team qualified for all India but maybe if the player were selected fairly without any favouritism there was a chance of Delhi team lifting the all India Winners trophy for the 2nd time in history.  And the year before that few management personnel dominated the whole selection process and due to the politics prevailing and mental pressure from the management coach left the team . And this year it’s no different the selection committee consisting of a senior division club coaches, managers and convenor favouring their team and hometown players. The Association should change this year state trials name to friends and family trials and if not then coaches should introduce a special Garhwal quota in the team because that club players are given special treatment on and off the field and they roam around thinking they are kings of the jungle. Senior players of that club are not even giving fitness test because they are in direct contact with the coaches
some of the players weren’t even present for a single day of the whole 6 day trial period but are directly selected for the camp. God knows if they play really good football or maybe just because there are part of dominating CLUB FAMILY. Rest of the players are just trifling in the eyes of coaches.
The players who were part of Delhi dynamos fc (Indian soccer league) reserve team for past 2 years are not even given chance to show there worth only because they are not the part of the dominating CLUB FAMILY. Same is happening with the players who have played I league 2nd Division and are in touch with the Swedish football league.
What Delhi football association do is keep owners of influential and well-connected clubs of Delhi happy by giving every year each of these club special privileges to prepare the Santosh trophy team and to do so as they please with their own terms. which in turn results in a biased selection process without any credibility.

 No wonder our Nation’s capital is doing no good in football with so much talent wasted in this corrupted system.

Delhi football association is always in limelight. There are 2 groups of jackleg people running 2 different association office in Delhi one in Jungpura and other in Ambedkar stadium one office goes by the name DSA (DELHI SOCCER ASSOCIATION) and the other is using the name FD (FOOTBALL DELHI). Each running with their own convenience, in the absence of any coordination between two. Showing two of a trade seldom agree, running not with the vision of uplifting Delhi football but only to fill their pockets under the table through sponsors deal.

 Yes, I’m writing this with my own point of view but all Delhi football players know the sad reality of this corrupt system for ages. someone has to take stand against this unethical body cause if we don’t then same will happen with the much-talented grassroots or next-generation players. 

Comment and share if you agree with me and think that politics should be kept out of sports.


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