Caste Reservation | Part 2: Problems and Solutions


Socio Economic census 2011 was the last Socio Economic Census. It has not happened since then, according to 2011, there are number of families in India are 25 crores, out of which the Rural families are 18 crores, there are deprived families (deprived of food, lack of employment) 10 crores, of which 30% are farmers and 51%  work on daily wages.
Reservation has always been used by our governments as a political tool, but actually reservation is for the sake of Social Upliftment, it’s for those who are deprived, who do not have good status, to make them eligible. But deprived could be a Rajput or Pundit, so basically It is less used for Social Upliftment and more use of Vote Bank.
There is also a problem with the reservation that the developed communities also want to take advantage of it.In 2015, Patel of Gujarat protested for OBC reservation, while Patel is the most forward community in Gujarat. About 35% MLAs are from Patidar Communities, even CM was also from Patidar community “Anandi Ben Patel”, but still they want reservation.In the same way, in 2016 Jat community of Haryana had protested for OBC status. 30% of the population is of Jat community in Haryana, 9 out of 12 ministers belong to Jat community. This protest has been running since 1991, they protested in 1991, 1997, 2002 but they did not get OBC status. When they again protested in 2014, then the court clearly told them that Jat is a forward community and they do not need reservation. Then in February 2014, just before the election, UPA has given Jat with OBC status for political benefits. But in March 2015, the Supreme Court dismissed it completely, after which angry Jat protested, which led to curfew in the many cities. As a result, the benefits of this reservation are taken by some communities from whom it is not necessary. In India there are 180657 families who have no jobs or no education.
This means that the government could not implement the Reservation properly. The most surprising thing was that the community that gets the reservation does not get the same respect. Social Data of the National Crime Bureau says that 80% of the total school committed by students are Dalit students. And the sad truth is that less educated people are on high post whereas people with good knowledge work under them.


In my opinion Reservation can be improved but government need to do slight changes like:

  1. The reservation should be given according to the financial status of the people because poor are not only in schedule castes.
  2. If father gets reservation in a family then children should not get Reservation.

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