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The challenge in which people who are taking part in it have to collect one bag plastic waste from any street, any forest area, lake or anywhere they find plastic waste. Second, They have to upload a short video or some pics on social media using a hashtag #onepolybagchallenge . Third important thing is, they have to invite 3 more people to take part in this challenge by tagging them in the post. To keep the flow on.

This initiative was started by some kids and few College students, the main aim is to spread awareness about more use of dustbins. In 2014, Government of India launched a Swach Bharat mission, aiming towards the clean surrounding, this challenge is a small part of Swach Bharat Mission. 

They use this idea to invite more and more people to take part in it. The aim is to guide and aware the youths of our country to spread a positive response on social media to make a change. 

The main reason behind the name #onepolybagchallenge is that everything starts from one, Nobody can make a sudden change, everything starts from small tasks and projects to achieve big one. If you are thinking One polybag waste doesn’t make any change, just think one invite three then they invite 3 more each and the flow will go on. Think of a positive side, if they can why can’t we. It’s very easy for all of us to share a message regarding the problem our environment is facing, this time you are getting a chance to prove yourself that, ‘Yes’, we all want a change and we are ready to do efforts for it. 

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Plastic waste is a very big problem, which is faced by many countries, excepting the few countries like Singapore, Sweden and few more European countries, almost every country is facing this problem, some are working on it’s solutions and many developing countries are still guiding and educating people to use the dustbins. Now its time to solve this problem by spreading the awareness threw social media, in a form of a challenge.            

And the day will come when we see no one throwing garbage anywhere instead of dustbins.

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