Best Ways to Celebrate Holi

If you are tired of celebrating the festival of Holi in the same way, with your society or colony neighbors and wanna try something new, so here are some ideas which you might find funny to celebrate this beautiful festival of colours.

Best Ways to Celebrate Holi

1. Holi in Mathura

Mathura is a famous spot for the occasion of Holi, people celebrate it in the traditional way by using flowers, they sing songs, especially the famous Lath Maar Holi in which woman beat men with bamboo sticks and men use shield to save them. There you will experience something new and more existing.

2. Holi in the village

If you belong to urban areas and have low budget for the Mathura trip, but wanna experience traditional Holi, you can still enjoy it. Go to a nearby village and see how people celebrate there, you will surely find it funny not like Mathura but still a good experience.

3. Holi in a special way

My personal favourite way to celebrate Holi is to celebrate it all alone. You can take good quantity of food with you and go to places like forests or mountains. Even you can go with your close ones, a peaceful Holi with nature, at least for once try to celebrate Holi this way.

4. Pool party Holi

If you are a teenager then this way of celebrating holi is best for you. You can invite your friends or even with your relative cusions and book a pool which hardly costs you more than 4-5 thousand a day. We can say that it’s kinda modern way to celebrate holi which is quite interesting for youths.
We hope you like our suggestions to celebrate holi. Hamari Yojana wishes all of you a very happy and colour holi.Tags

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