5 Reasons Why You Should Vote for BJP this Election

As we all know that as election dates are announced and we have to decide on whom we should vote this time. That’s we have bought to you 5 main reasons why we should vote for BJP this Election.

1. Surgical Strike 1 & 2

We all are well aware about the mission against terrorism that how our defense forces crossed international borders to destroy terrorist training camps. Though government clearly stated that the credit goes to our brave soldiers who successfully completed these missions but still it’s a really difficult for any leader to take such steps because there was no scope for error.

2. Swatch Bharat Mission

In mid 2014, Government of India launched a cleanliness drive which includes clean roads, streets, door to door garbage pickup in urban areas, toilets in rural areas. In 4 years, mission has been successfully ran by the government and one of the achievement for BJP in their working years.

3. Demonetisation

In 2016, government take such a risky step, which would hardly taken by any government since independence, we are still don’t clear that was it able to bring black money or not, but 40% (approx) more people filed return this year which is quite good.

4. Jan Dhan Yojana

In 2014, Indian Government launched this scheme under which any person can open his/her bank

account at ₹0 balance, as India is a developing country and due to many factors India is suffering from Inflation, due to which values of our rupees keep on decreasing and if people put their money in bank they’ll receive interest rate which will help them to recover from Inflation and the result of this scheme, bank received huge amount of money which help Indian government, they don’t need to take loan from other countries.

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5. Moody’s ranking

BJP Government has achieved someone which wasn’t achieved by any government for the last 14 years. New York based Moody’s Investors service has upgraded the ranking of Indian government has worked to create a better environment for investors, like GST and demonetisation which played a vital role in it.

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