Statue, Money and Its Effect on Indian Economy

Nowadays, There are some issues in our country related to money and statues. In 2014, BJP  announced that they will bring black money, which might benefit of ₹15 lakhs to every account holder. Currently government spent around ₹3000 crore on a statue which is actually a capital expenditure. (Capital expenditure is the expenditure made to produce future income) Some people think that it’s much better to divide that money among the people of our country and this can remove the poverty from our country.

Let’s assume what will happen if government divide ₹3000 crore among the people of India. Let’s assume the population of India 130 crore ( approx ), so a person will receive approx ₹2.3 crore. See what will happen if everyone have that much amount, now every person in the country have lots of money.

It’s effect in domestic economy

High money circulation in the economy, which will increase the inflation rate, Cost of goods will increase by 2-3 times than the current price. And within a year the condition of Indian economy will be more than the worst. 

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It’s effect on international market

The value of rupee will fall in comparison of other powerful currencies. 
So at the end we come up with the conclusion that giving money to people to remove poverty is not a solution. A government will never transfer money in your account and they have no reason to do so. Government work is to bring good policies, improve infrastructure and maintain a peace system in the country. As we all know elections are near so I request you to analyse the work done by government in the past years by yourself, everything is available on Internet, check the records of each and every candidate and select the best one.

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