Details of Smart City Mission | Features | Benefits | Progress

Smart City Mission

India is a developing country. And the most important part of development is the infrastructure. And a city plays an important role in the infrastructural development. And the present Indian government paid close attention towards this development. That is why a national scheme was launched which targets toward the overall development of the cities. In this mission 100 cities will be chosen all across the country. And for this task both the central and the state government will collaborate.
However, as per initial reports, the implementation of the scheme has not been up to the mark as only 7% of the allocated funds have been spend on the scheme till January 2018.

Details of Smart City Mission | Features | Benefits | Progress

Salient Features of this scheme:

  1. This project will be a public-private partnership.
  2. The project will be of the duration of 5 years.
  3. At least one city will be nominated each State and Union Territory
  4. Both the state and the central government will allocate Rs. 500 crores each.

Benefits of Smart Cities Mission

Now, innumerable number of benefits will arise by this mission. They are:1.      These cities will get the world class facilities including clean water, cleaner fuel and a good eco system.2.      This process will help in the overall development of the country’s economy.3.      There will be proper waste management.4.      This will also help in the inflow of FDIs in these cities.
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