Indian Population | Do we need a Population Control?

In 1947 our population was 36 crore, Today it’s increased 100 crore and reached 136 crore. We have 2.4% of the world’s land and only 4% of the world water reserve. We have very limited resources to feed our population. According to this, our future generations will definitely die of hunger.  In next 35 years, by 2050, the Population of our country will be around 200 crore. Rs. 2.15 lakh crore of taxpayer’s money has been spent on family planning scheme. Despite that, our population has screamed by 100 crore.


Isn’t this the misuse of taxpayer’s money?

This is why the taxpayers need to ask the government, that why they are not bringing population control law in the country. Around 38 years ago, China and India had the same per Capita income, our economy was similar, but today China is way ahead then us. We are still struggling with the basic needs of our people. China has advanced way ahead in technology, defence, etc. So China brought one child policy for 35 years, and this is the reason why it’s population which would have been 40 crore surplus is less now. Population growth affects everything. Overpopulation is that common thread running through most of our problems. If we control our demands in different fields, it’s natural that slowly and steadily our problems will be solved.

How can we improve it?

We propose that, since we the taxpayer’s of this country. Even family should limit themselves to two children, if they want to have more children, then the responsibility of that third, fourth or fifth child should be on the family and not on the government or the taxpayer.Manu Gaur (President, Tax payers Association of Bharat) conducted a research throughout the country among the families which have more than 5 children. Those families which have more than 5 children, what do the mother have to say?Manu Gaur hasn’t met a woman till now who wanted to have more than 2 children. Due to the family’s obsession with sons and pressure from in-laws and husband she is forced to bear so many children. We talk about women empowerment so much.Are we empowering women?

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