How Road Scam happens?


Now you know what the procedure is to make the road, but do you know that there is a huge scam inside it. Of which you are totally unaware. Yes, you heard right, ‘a scam’.
Everybody from the minister to the peon is included in this scam, everyone receives commission. Commission amount you do not even have a guess.
When the procedure of preparing the documents of a road going on, at the same time, a particular contactor makes his link in the head office and the person who is there in the power i.e. minister gives order to the  contractor, after which the minister secretly conveys it to his Assistant then the Assistant manage this whole scam by conveying it to each and every person who were included in it, the government employees publish an advertisement in small newspapers for an online auction after which an online auction take place which is opened only for few seconds the contractor submits his bid, hence his bid is the only bid so he directly gets the contract of the road. After which the he shares some per cent of the total budget of the road with minister to peon and the whole system make this scam possible together.
So in this article you would have understood how a road scam is done.

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