What is wrong with Education System in India? | Problems | Solutions

Indian education system frame work needs to change completely.

According to the report of ASER 2017 only 17% Indians are employable. I am not talking about educated people; I am talking about people who can work efficiently.  

In India at the age of 14 school enrolment is 70% and by the 18 year of age this percentage falls to 60%, which means our education system can’t able to keep the interest of the students in education. In USA ₹700000 is spent on each student every year between the age of 5-15 years on their education and learning. If you think that it is a wrong comparison because India is a developing country and USA is a developed country, so we will talk about Zimbabwe their economic growth is very much less than India but their education system is far better than Indian education system. Our country need to work on Vocational studies our country is relatively poor country and we need to increase employability but here we do only cramming to get good marks as we value marks over learning.


Lack of Jobs: 

As India is a highly populated country and jobs are comparatively less due to which a well-educated nowadays are willing to work on less wages which lead to under employment otherwise company will hire someone else to do the work so in fear of unemployment people work on less wages.

Old and useless education system: 

During the British era when British established some industries so they need some clerk to maintain records so they educate and prepare people and make them capable to work and till now our country is following the same education system.

In India children who are using 4G internet are wasting 90% data on entertainment, they don’t have any connection with learning and it’s not children fault, they don’t know the meaning of learning that why they are suffering from lack of basic intelligence, unable to find the logic and due to this they misunderstand things. 82% of 18 year old teens are using 4G connectivity but only 42% of them able to point out their state after looking at the map. Our country has technology but our youth don’t know the proper use of it.

There are5500 Business Colleges in India and nearly 3 crore Students studying in universities. But ASSOCHAM Report 2017 says that 93% of MBA graduates are unemployable which means whether they are under employed or unemployed. Under employed means working on income less than their capability due to which they are not able to pay even the amount of loan borrowed by them for their education. Colleges are hiring cheap professors for maximizing their profit whereas universities like Harvard and Stanford are paying ₹16lakh per month compare to ₹30k – ₹35k in India. Within the last few years 70% of MBA enrollment has increased. Students have well-filled minds but don’t have well-formed minds.

Curriculum of the world best universities are:
If you tell me, I may forget,
If you show me, I may remember
If you involve me, I will understand and apply.Now days best Universities are not giving classroom lectures, they are involving students with Projects, problem solving and case studies. Harvard University gives 80% case study, 10% problem solving, 5% projects and only 5% classroom lectures that’s why they are the best in the world.

What is wrong?

Incompetent Faculties Teaching with Conventional Theoretical Classroom based approach. The skill deficit of Indian MBA is less than 1.5% out of 10.The reason behind this whole thing is corporate wants an MBA degree which is a criteria due to which some big names find business opportunity and they are opening degree Colleges and earning money.


Promote courses of Open Universities so that people can easily work with the College studies and they can learn something extra.We should enhance digital learning awareness among the students so that they can properly use the internet and learn something extra.Make local learning groups under which vocational training should be provided to students other than studies to improve their skills.

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